GBP/USD: Towards 1.44/1.45 Before Turning Into GBP Seller Again - Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley Research discusses GBP/USD outlook, and thinks that the break above 1.3930 opens potential to a further rally around 1.44/1.45 which MS believes is possible in light of anticipated USD weakness and increasing support from news around the budget and Brexit.
"The Telegraph reports that British Brexit negotiators may be close to securing a deal on the transition period and have surprised their EU counterparts with their "strong will" to strike an agreement to effectively prolong Britain's membership of the single market and customs union for about two years after 29 March 2019. The UK is targeting the March 22 European Council summit to secure an agreement on the transition period," MS notes. 
"When GBPUSD nears 1.44/1.45, we may turn into GBP sellers again," MS advises.